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Your interview training session will be conducted by UK based interview training expert, Jerry Frempong. With over 15 years of career coaching experience, he is exceptionally personable, patient, encouraging, knowledgeable and experienced about the marketplace employment trends and patterns when it comes to interview preparation.

He will ensure that he gives you the best and sound advice on how to present yourself in an interview, that sets you apart from the crowd.
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Firstly, all sessions are conducted via the Zoom video meeting tool. So you must download the application on your desktop computer. We recommend that there are no distractions so that you may get the best value out of the session.

The session is broken up into two sections. The first section will be the role play segment, where Jerry will have created bespoke simple and difficult competency based interview questions. Under interview conditions, he will ask you a series of questions and observe your answers. To complete this segment, he will offer you constructive and objective feedback on how you can improve.

The second section comprises of the psychology of interviewing. Jerry will teach you simple exercises on how to change a nervous, apprehensive or even negative mindset, into a more hopeful, self-assured positive attitude. The objective of this, is to ensure that you have a positive attitude and mindset towards your upcoming interview, by offering genuine motivation and encouragement.

Jerry will also show you the following;

1) How to use the STAR Method.

2) How to sell yourself in an interview.

3) How to give your best first impression.

4) How to answer simple questions, such as; "Tell Me About Yourself"

5) How to answer more difficult questions, such as; "Describe a Time When Your Led a Project from Start to Finish"

Yes, Interview Training UK is the sister service to CVLondon, all of our reviews are located in CVLondon's Google Review Page. Click to See CVLondon's Google Review Page HERE

Interview Training UK is the sister service to CVLondon. We have been firmly established since 2010 as part of CVLondon.

Check out our customer reviews on the CVLondon Google Review Page HERE

No, not at the moment. As a result of the recent pandemic, many of our clients are now happy utilise the service by using Zoom Video.
The benefits of this are great, as we can record the session from start to finish and you will get a copy of the video to play back at your convenience in the comfort of your home.

We simply require your latest full CV and a copy of the job description so that we can create the interview questions that may come up in the interview.

We are able to cover all industry sectors within the global marketplace.

Our online appointments commence from 09:30am GMT until 7pm GMT, Monday to Friday for Zoom video appointments.

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Our interview coaching fees start at £99 (60mins) for our online services via Zoom. However, if you wish to have more time, our fees go up £199 (2 Hours).

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Very simple, you can go to our secure online booking portal, select your slot, make a payment, we will receive confirmation of your booking and send you a Zoom link for our appointment.

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Everyone! We are experienced in conducting interview training courses for Graduates, all lines of Management, Senior Management, Board / C-Level professionals, Entrepreneurs, the unemployed and everyone in between.

Yes, there are thousands of videos online, however, having a personal interview coaching who will be able to guide and encourage you, is a great way to get you to the next level.

We’re extremely confident that you’ll be happy with the end result. The vast majority of our clients are very happy our engaging and inspirational sessions that have helped them to secure roles when engaging our service.

Check out our customer reviews on the CVLondon Google Review Page HERE

Yes, if we have exhausted our efforts, then you do have up to 14 working days from the day of purchase to claim for a 50% refund. 50% of all funds are non refundable.

Yes, CV London & Interview Coaching London is committed to ensuring the privacy of all our customers. All information is collected and processed in accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998. We guarantee that your personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to any third parties without your consent.

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