How to Create an Elevator Pitch in 30 Seconds for Job Interviews

How to Create an Elevator Pitch in 30 Seconds for Job Interviews

Creating an elevator pitch isn’t hard as all you need to do is sit down, relax and get composed, then come up with it. Otherwise known as a value proposition, an elevator speech is meant to sell you within the shortest time possible. Most elevator pitches take around 30 seconds to one minute if too long, and it shouldn’t be longer than this. A long pitch will have your audience losing attention as human concentration spans differ and some may be short while others long.

Have your goal in mind

Know what you want to achieve using that elevator pitch as this will offer guidance as to what you are supposed to do and how you will go about the whole thing. A goal will provide you with a target for the pitch.

Be flexible

You may not be aware of who will interview you, and thus it can be a challenge determining the type of audience you are dealing with. However, you can just come up with your pitch and twist it on the D-day to suit that particular audience. This is where flexibility comes in, and you need to be capable of changing your angle even at the last minute.

Be open to ideas

No man is an island, and we all know this too well. You need to be open to new ideas from friends and those who are experts in the field. They may know something you don’t, no matter how intelligent you may be. Therefore, learn to listen to advice from those who have some experience even as you input your ideas in the pitch. You can also consult at personal levels so that you have a glimpse of what is expected of you.

Do a lot of practice

A perfect elevator pitch isn’t something you will achieve overnight, well unless you’re a genius. And even if you are, it is still vital for you to practice. You can also take the whole week to do this practice at different intervals until it is perfect for presentation. You can try presenting the pitch to the mirror while observing your movements or you can call a few friends and present it to them. Using friends is the best idea as they will tell you their opinions on where you need to change and where you’re fine. This will help you sharpen your presentation so that on an actual day, you just hit the nail on the head.

Of course, there are other many ways to prepare your elevator pitch, but the above are some of the best ones you will find.

Final Takeaway

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