Ways To Prepare Your Elevator Pitch During An Interview

Ways To Prepare Your Elevator Pitch During An Interview.

An elevator pitch can either be classified as a gained connection during networking or a lost opportunity. An elevator pitch is generally a short conversation that varies from 15-45 seconds. This is usually a personal selling statement. You are basically introducing yourself and your qualifications as well as your strengths within a short sentence in an attempt to create a lasting impression.


Capture their attention

Firstly you introduce yourself while noting your credentials to the panel. You then differentiate yourself from the rest of the interviewees, what makes you unique.

Note your business goals and experiences

This usually comes in a one sentence question; ‘’what can you do? ‘’. State what you can do for the firm when hired, the value you are bringing to the table as well as the past experiences you have within the specific field. You may remember to state your business goals, where you want your business career to be either within a short or long term period. This is done in a brief sentence.

Move to qualifications

You then state what qualifies you for the position being offered. You get to state the set of skills you possess; leadership skills, your achievements, experiences and expertise within the field. Your strengths in this area play a key role to attracting the attention of the panel. If you have unique qualities help to make you outstanding from other interviewees, it answers the question what qualifies you.

Highlight unique qualities

These are things about you that make you different from other applicants. You may possess extra qualifications in terms of academic or even skill wise. This increases your opportunities. State these qualities and qualifications with as much detail as possible.

Ask questions

Engage the panel in a two way conversation; this can be done through asking open ended questions. Asking these questions brings on the interests of the panel hence engaging in a longer and more detailed conversation.

Practice, practice and practice

In an attempt to perfect your pitch for the interview, practice it over and over. Do this by speaking it out loud looking into the mirror. This will help boost confidence as well as be familiar with your opening remarks.

An elevator pitch is very important as it states in a nutshell who you are and what your qualifications are. This brings the panel’s interests to you.

Final Takeaway

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